Your Questions

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Your Questions

What is the main difference between the Passport Adventure Club and the Passport Mission Club?

Each are 32 weeks of curriculum designed to be used weekly during a school year (ie. August – May; yep,  go ahead and take the summer off!).  However, Passport Adventure Club is more academic in nature and designed for use in various educational settings while the Passport Mission Club curriculum has a greater spiritual focus and designed for use by churches and small groups.

How much content is provided for each line of curriculum?

For Passport Adventure Club:  32 weeks; 1.5 hours of content for each weekly lesson
For Passport Mission Club:  32 weeks; 1.5 hours of content for each weekly lesson
For Passport 5 Day Club:  5 days (!); 3 hours of content per day

Do the various years of curriculum need to be used in a particular order?

No.  But….. we do HIGHLY suggest beginning with Passport to Latin America.  It is a really good “getting on” spot.  It is probably the easiest, most familiar content. As a result, using this curriculum first allows users (teachers) to learn the rhythm of the curriculum while teaching easier, more straightforward content. After that, travel wherever… whenever!

You say there are 6 years of curriculum, but I only see products available for a couple of  the years?

We’re still a work in progress.  Future years of curriculum are in various stages of development.  We will make them available as soon as they are ready!

Do I have to use all of the content?

A resounding NO is our answer.  Choose what you use.  That’s our motto! One and a half hours of content is provided for the PAC and PMC curriculum, but you don’t have to use it all. Passport is organized “buffet style”, so you can adjust what you use based on the specific parameters of your situation. Passport is organized in sections (designated by easily recognizable icons), so pick and choose which content is appropriate for your particular setting/situation/day.  For example, leave off the geography and add in 15 minutes of rec time to tone down the academics and increase the fun zone. Don’t have singers or a band?…. don’t sweat it!  Leave off the music. Have the opposite situation? – want worship time? Fine.  Leave off geography and spend 15 minutes praising the Lord instead. Only have an hour? Ok. Keep 60 minutes of the essentials such as Share the Word, God is Creator, and prayer.  D.O.N.E. with art projects? Ok, skip the next one and allow a little more practice time for the gospel presentation.  Flexibility is our middle name! – so choose what you use!  

What is the target age group for this curriculum?

Elementary-aged kids are the sweet spot, but the curriculum can be adapted for children as young as kindergarten or as old as junior high.  And honestly, it can also be used in a multi-aged or family setting with adults learning as they teach the kids!

Sixteen weeks of curriculum doesn’t fit our calendar exactly.  How can we modify?

No problem.  We have solutions for adding and subtracting weeks. [See what we did there?!]
How to add:  

  • Review week – practice geography, music, scripture, or the gospel presentation without adding any new content.  Great idea to do this at the end of Semester 1 or beginning of Semester 2 [you know, to clear the cobwebs!]
  • Use a week to participate in and/or celebrate a group mission effort!
  • Plan a party!  For example, at the end of Semester 1, put on a cultural Christmas party.  Ideas are found in the Community section of this website.  End of Semester 2, plan an End-of-Year party and allow students to demonstrate what they’ve learned for parents or the church.
  • Host a mock Geography Bee.  Just compile a list of geography questions from throughout the semester, encourage students to practice and participate, oh, and offer a prize to the winner!

How to subtract:  Probably the easiest place to eliminate a week is in the Map It section.  That section has one more week than all of the rest of the sections to begin with [4 instead of 3], so it is an easy place to drop a lesson (specifically, Lesson 3 or 4 from Semester 1 and 19 or 20 from Semester 2).  For the PMC, just find a lesson that represents the lowest priority for your group and leave it off.  Life will go on.  

What is the difference between the Map It and Geography sections of the PAC curriculum?

Great question!  The Map It section is one of the core areas of study [in addition to God is Creator, Provider, Ruler and Savior] and is the focus for only four weeks each semester.  During the Map It section, students learn about the general geography of the region/continent as a whole [ie. well-known rivers, mountain ranges, landmarks, etc.].  We think it is important to raise kids that are geographically and culturally literate.  That’s the goal of this section.  Remember, you can’t care about what you don’t know about.  So if you don’t know there are unreached villages in the Amazon River basin, you won’t care about them.  On the other hand, the Geography section is a weekly, more in-depth look at the continent, country by country.  This section is only found in the Passport Adventure Club.   


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