Terms & Conditions

THANK YOU for considering the Passport to the Nations curriculum! Your consideration speaks volumes about your commitment to the mission of the church. And we want you to know that by purchasing this curriculum, you will be partnering with us financially to help further the development of future years of the Passport to the Nations curriculum. The reality is that it takes a substantial amount of money to develop each year of curriculum; therefore, every set of curriculum sold helps make another set of curriculum available in the future.

In addition, this volume of curriculum was produced over many years through an inordinate level of commitment and sacrifice. We ask, therefore, that you esteem the laborer worthy of his wage (I Timothy 5:18) by respecting the following copyright restrictions:

  • Curriculum resources designated for class projects may be copied as needed.
  • Each licensed copy of the curriculum may be printed and used by one individual.
  • All other reproductions of any type are strictly prohibited without prior written consent.
  • If Teacher Packet or Resource Packets are re-used at a later date, the license may be transferred to another individual at that time.
  • Electronic distribution of any Passport curriculum is strictly prohibited.

Please Note: We humbly bring to your attention that our pricing structure was established with copyright restrictions in mind; therefore, making copies of Teacher Packet or Resource Packet content to provide to additional teachers is in violation of these policies and undermines our ability to continue our work.

For any other questions, concerns, or permission requests, please contact us at:

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