Passport Adventure Club: Africa


A missions curriculum for kids.

Destination: Africa

Lessons: 32 – 1 1/2 hour lessons

Grade Range: K5-6th

Content Includes:
Journey to northern Africa in the Fall and sub-Saharan Africa in the Spring.

Make Model Magic maps, create Global Graffiti, and participate in other fun mapping activities in the Map It section.

Art projects such as Egyptian cartouches, Ndebele house paintings, African women collages, Safari animal paper chains, and sand camel creations are included in the God as Creator and Provider portions of the curriculum.  Food tasting and learning John 3:16 in Swahili are highlights as well!

Primary religion studies focus on Islam and Animism in the God is Ruler portion of the curriculum. Reaching the unreached, such as the people of Ethiopia, Lesotho, and Madagascar, as well as the plight of the Riffi Berbers are also covered.

Inspiring missionary studies in the God is Savior section include the lives of David Livingstone, Lillian Trasher and others.

You can also check out our overview of Africa HERE.

Available Downloads:
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Leader’s Guide
Sample Lessons: Map It, God is Creator, God is Provider, God is Ruler, God is Savior