Our Community

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Our Community

This may be the most important part of this website…. a space for the Passport community to gather to share and care.  

Much happens here:

  • Freebies:  we want to help you expand your child’s world, so we are committed to providing free resources to help families become more others-centered and learn about a different continent or culture through art projects, hands-on geography activities, recipes, books, music and much, much more.
  • On Mission:  this section is chock full of inspiration and ideas for helping you and your students live life on mission.  Expanded and photographed versions of mission project suggestions are found here.  We challenge you to #jointhemission.
  • Teacher Tools:  this is the “go to” space for teachers; find expanded versions of the lessons with helpful step-by-step photographs to bring an activity to life.
  • Student Stuff:  students can come to this space for “at home” assignments – all things Passport such as songs, memory verses, gospel presentation demonstration, sample country cards, etc.

And finally, join the extended conversation on our social media sites by clicking on the buttons at the bottom of this page.  Find quick snapshots of ideas on our Instagram feed, as well as scores of boards to encourage and inspire you as you equip kids to carry out the mission of the church.

One person can make a difference….. a group can make an impact….. but a committed community can change the world.  So let’s harness the power of community and together live life on mission!

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