Kids Serving Kids

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The statistics are staggering.  Overwhelming.  Maybe even de-motivating.

Every day….

Kids die from preventable diseases.  Kids get sick from drinking contaminated water.  Poverty robs kids of their future.  Kids are exploited because of poverty or greed or both.

Every day, kids are persecuted because of their faith.  Kids are orphaned and abandoned.

And the list goes on and on.


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Since the vision for Passport is to EXPOSE kids to the needs of the nations and INSPIRE kids to serve the nations, we want to lead by example.

We want to use our platform to help kids can learn about the needs and problems of other kids around the world.  And then we hope to foster opportunities for kids to put their faith into action and serve other kids.  In other words, we want to create an environment where the head knowledge learned in Passport can make the long journey to kids’ hearts.

Ultimately, we hope to create opportunities where, as a community, we can link arms together to serve the world.

Therefore, through strategic partnerships and projects, we will inform and provide opportunities to support ministries that serve the poor, exploited, and persecuted children of the world.

We will also make it a priority to go share love, encouragement, and the Gospel with those in need…  as well as support others desiring to do the same.

Finally, we are constantly looking for ways to encourage kids to live life “on mission” as well.  We call it








So gather your group and let’s harness the power of community and go “on mission” together… to the nations!


P.S. We have partnered with the following ministries to join them in the work of caring for vulnerable children around the world.  Many of the mission projects highlighted in the On Mission section of this website support the work of these ministries.



Operation Christmas Child




The Voice of the Martyrs


Samaritan's Purse



Never Thirst





The Seed Company